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Thermal Class Product Features Comparison Product Sheet
(Choose File Format)
105C 1265 & 1266 X X X
1267 & 1268 X X X
130C 5J52 X X X
5J83 X X X
8176-1 X X X
8176-8 X X X
155C 5J04 X X X
5J44 X X X
5J47 X X X
5J51 X X X
5JF67 X X X
180C 5JF04 X X X
5JF44 X X X
5JF47 X X X
5M28 X X X
200C 8929 X X X


Substrate Thermal Class Product Features Comparison Product Sheet
(Choose File Format)
155C 5M35 X X X
5M52 & 5M53 X X X
Glass Cloth 155C 5M48 & 5M62 X X X
5M58 X X X
5M75 X X X
5M77 X X X
180C 5M74 X X X
Glass Cloth
155C 5M51 X X X
5M82 X X X
180C 5M73 X X X
Nomex2 155C 5M63 & 5M64 X X X

2 duPont registered TM for its aramid paper

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