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Advanced Composites

Product Comparison

Typical Prepreg Systems For Advanced Composites


Product Resin Substrate Characterisitics and Typical Uses
Westpreg EP® 1001 Epoxy Glass Fabric MIL-R-9300, Type I Service temperatures up to 350°F.  Structural or Nonstructural for Airframes Parts, Launching Tubes, Radoms, Sporting Goods, and Electrical Applications.
Westpreg PE 1001 Polyester Glass Fabric MIL-R-7575C, Grades A&B Non-styrene, service temperatures up to 275°F.   Structural or Nonstructural Airframe, Antennas, Automotive, and Electrical Applications.
Westpreg PE 1002FR Polyester Glass Fabric MIL-R-7575C, Grade B Nonstyrene, Fire Retardent service temperatures up to 275°F.
Westpreg PH 3003 Modified Phenolic Glass Fabric MIL-R-9229, Grades A&B Service temperatures up to 500°F.   Exceeds the 1990 standards for fire/ smoke / toxicity set by the FAA for aircraft interior safety.
Westpreg PH 1345 Phenolic Cotton Fabric MIL-P-15035 Service temperatures up to 300°F.  General grades for terminal boards and mechanical components.
Westpreg PH 1666 Phenolic Kevlar Fabric MIL-H-44099 PASGT Ballistic Armor Helmets.
Westpreg PH 1677
Westpreg PH 1669 Phenolic Kevlar Fabric MIL-L-62474 Ballistic Panels, Spall Liners.

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