Bedford Materials Co., Inc., announces a major development in epoxy resin technology applied to thermally upgraded kraft paper for the oil filled transformer industry.  WH90, diamond patterned paper, has been designed to enable significant reduction in the time and temperature necessary to bond coils.

In just 90 minutes at 90oC,  the epoxy resin will securely bond the adjacent layers of wire and/or paper.  The bond strength of the coated paper is as high as 70 psi when tested at 100oC.  (Specification value 40 psi minimum)  The resulting savings, in both increased productivity and energy savings, are substantial due to increased thruput and lower temperature.

After just 90 minutes at 90oC, the coils can be safely moved to the next operation without fear of breaking the bond.  To avoid injury, the coils should be cooled to room temperature before handling.

An additional benefit to the WH90 system is that the resin remains on the surface of the paper in both coating and bonding operations.  Traditional coatings penetrate the paper in one or both of the operations.  Because WH90 system remains on the surface, there are more cellulose fibers available for oil penetration.  This potentially will yield improved electrical properties.

WH90 is an environmentally sound product.  The coating resin meets all requirements of United States Environmental Standards.  There is no need to consider a change in resin systems at a later date due to EPA regulations.  The coated paper can be disposed of in a standard landfill.  It will not be considered hazardous waste, even with new proposed regulations.

We believe WH90 provides users with the best solution to improving productivity and quality while reducing production costs and environmental concerns.


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