This is to certify that the Quality Management System of:

Bedford Materials
7676 Allegheny Road
Manns Choice, Pennsylvania 15550, USA

having been audited in accordance with the requirements
of QS-9000 Appendix B, Code of Practice has been approved by
Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Limited, Hoboken, New Jersey, USA
to the following Quality Management System Standards:

ISO 9002:1994,
QS-9000 Third Edition, March 1998

The Quality Management System is applicable to:

Manufacture of Laminated Electrical Insulating Materials
for the Automotive Industry

Certificate No.: 103448A
Original ISO Approval: July 26, 1994
Original QS Approval: October 2, 1997
Current Certificate: October 11, 2000
Certificate Expiry: October 31, 2003

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