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Strengthening U.S. defense and commercial competitiveness in today's global market begins with quality, reliability, leading edge technologies and processes.

Who We Are

Bedford Materials Co., Inc. (BMI), is the world leader in the development of electrical insulating materials. Formed in 1995 after purchasing the flexible insulation products plant from Westinghouse Electric Corporation – the original inventor of electrical products – BMI took over the then world-renowned provider of electrical insulation and quickly maintained the leadership role in developing and transferring world-class, state-of-the-art manufacturing products to government and commercial industry.

BMI is recognized as a quality supplier, achieving both ISO 9002 and QS 9000 certification, in addition to receiving numerous customer quality awards.

What We Do

BMI's product line is the most extensive in industry, consisting primarily of coated papers, flexible coated fabrics, flexible composites and prepegs for diamond pattern. Products molded from our prepegs for advanced composites.

A wide variety of substrates, including kraft paper, glass, cotton, Kevlar™ cloths, polyester film, Nomex™ paper, and nonwoven mats and felts are coated with thermosetting resins. These resins can either be B - staged or fully cured and range from oleoresinous and polyester, to epoxy and silicone. They are used in a variety of applications in the manufacture of motors and transformers.

Our flexible composites, or laminates, are combinations of two or more flexible materials that take advantage of the unique properties of those materials. Most often, one of the components is polyester film laminated to either a nonwoven mat, rag paper, Nomex™ paper, or metal foil. Applications include slot, phase and wedge liners in motors, or ground and layer insulation in transformers.

BMI's coated papers are either fully coated or pattern coated. We are known worldwide for our diamond-pattern coated kraft paper, used primarily as the major insulation in oil-filled distribution transformers.

Our advanced composites are used in place of metal in many applications, including aircraft and armor. BMI coats substrates, such as glass, Kevlar™, and Spectra™ with a variety of resins, including phenolic, epoxy, and polyester. A large percentage of new military helmets have been molded with material developed and coated by BMI.

What We Can Do For You

Equipment additions and a recently completed expansion will fuel our continued growth in products and services well into the 21st Century. We are committed to assisting our customers in refining existing products and driving the development of a new generation of materials for their specific applications.

Kevlar and Nomex are registered trademarks of DuPont.
Spectra is a registered trademark of Allied Fiber.

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