Flexible Composites

Product Comparison

Thermal Classification


Product Description Color Features Recommended Applications Milspec Recognized in U.L. Systems
NKN Combination of Type 410 Nomex2 paper & Kapton3 film. Natural Non-meltable, infusible, Class H insulation. Slot liner, wedge, and phase insulation for motors and generators.

Ground insulation for dry type transformers.

Mega lll5

This guide describes the most commonly used flexible composite materials, but is by no means a complete listing of our capabilities.  We solicit your inquiries for any flexible composite you require.

Thicker combinations are recommended for slot and ground applications whereas thinner combinations are recommended for phase and layer applications.

2 - duPont registered TM for its aramid paper.
3 - duPont registered TM for its polyimide film.
5- U.L. file #E52215.


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